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We have worked countless years to achieve greatest free botnet in market. Authentic, Reliable and Powerful!

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Tons of Features

here is a list of all the great features we have to offer.

Privacy is important

We only store minimal amount of data which is necessary to ensure our service functionality.

High-end network

Get your hands on to our Standard and Premium botnet networks. Select the one is more liking to you.

Affordable prices

Unlike our competitors, we offer the best prices. There are better prices on some service provider? Let us know and we'll see what we can do about the price.

Minimal logs

Did you know that 95% of our competitors store every little detail they can to their database? At our website we remove all unnecessary data automatically after the stressing has been done.

Large variate

Give a try to our service, which utilize the #4 Layer of array attack methods, both TCP & UDP. When we started with this, we knew the quality must be assured.


With paid packages you can customize the attack as you need it to perform. Just to your liking.

Trustworthy Security

We use SHA516 hashing algorithms to encrypt all of our data and latest security practices. This is where you can't get anymore than that.

Active Support

Got a question? Ask away, our clientsupports are educated throughout with our services and all the details.

Supreme Performance

We are proud that we can offer the best booter. Which is also fastest, the most secure and has best prices.


$ 8.99

per month

1000 Seconds

1 Concurrent Attack

24/7 Customer Support

Standard Network


$ 11.99

per month

2000 Seconds

1 Concurrent Attack

24/7 Customer Support

Standard Network


$ 19.99

per month

4000 Seconds

1 Concurrent Attack

24/7 Customer Support

Premium Network